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Posted 11 January 2018 - 08:43 PM

I will be curious to see how the Interleague forms go as they can get quite complicated in some configurations.


Posted 29 November 2017 - 04:40 PM

So yesterday I was working on our Charter/Insurance for 2018 and I was pleasantly surprised to see online forms. Specifically for inter-league play and combined teams.

Fortunatlely, I had copies of last seasons forms so I was able to at least get place holders started. I’m hoping it will be easy to go back in and “adjust”. We don’t register players until January and won’t have all our numbers until mid to late March.

I did have a couple glitches however. When I had more than 4 towns I had to “add leagues”. It added slots but unfortunately to the wrong divisions.

What’s everyone else’s experience been?
Will this be done along side the paper forms or is this instead of paper copies that require all the president signatures and sign offs from DA, etc?

I’m hopeful this is in place of the paper copies because getting signatures and numbers is always a royal PITA.

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