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Replying to Voting Board Member Out

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Lou Barbieri

Posted Today, 04:02 AM

You need a Budget.
You need to know your projected income and projected expenses.
The Budget needs to be approved by the BOD.

Your BOD is responsible for the financial viability of your league.
As such, spending needs to be strictly controlled.

That said, obviously someone has to buy concession supplies.
Receipts must be turned in and checked to make sure only concession stand items were purchased.

Same goes for equipment, uniforms, ...
The Budget should set the expense limit and receipts are needed for all purchases.

Spending exceeding the Budget needs to be approved by the BOD.

Posted Today, 03:43 AM

No budget was made for the year and money is being spent without having motions made to spend money.
The President has her daughter buy supplies for the snack shack without motioning to do so and then she is reimbursed for those items.
I am a signer on the account and went to get a copy of our statement.
There are several purchases totaling to be around $500 from a sporting goods store that I never recorded a motion being made or approved for.
So money is being spent here and there without being approved by the board.
The Treasurer doesn’t seem to care at this point but I believe it to be an issue since no budget has been made and money is being spent without being voted on.

Lou Barbieri

Posted Yesterday, 10:08 PM

The LL Sample/Recommended Constitution is a "fill-in-the-blanks" document.
So, for example, one of the blanks specifies the quorum for a Board Meeting.

You need a copy of your league's Constitution to make sure what you are doing is correct.
As I said above, if you don't have one, you can get a copy from your Regional Office.

The other issue you mentioned that concerns me is the President not getting approval prior to spending money.
You should have a league Budget and all spending needs to be controlled.
How much money are we talking about?
What does your Treasurer say?

Posted Yesterday, 09:21 PM

Thank you Lou!
It’s my first year so I have a lot to learn.
We haven’t gone over a Constitution of any sort so I am guessing we abide by the Sample Constitution provided.
I am reviewing the Constitution right now to review the process.

Lou Barbieri

Posted Yesterday, 09:16 PM

It's a Special BOARD Meeting.
So, you said you currently have 6 on the Board, those 6 are the only ones that count.
Your Constitution should specify the required quorum.

For example, our says 50%, which for us is 8 out of 15 but in your case would be 3 out of 6.

If you want to call a Special General Membership Meeting that's a whole different process.
Again, that should also be described in your Constitution.
If you don't have one to review you can request a copy from your Regional Office.

Posted Yesterday, 08:36 PM

The quorum consists of Regular Members and Board Members, correct?

Lou Barbieri

Posted Yesterday, 01:52 PM

There is no requirement that the President be there.
For example, if the President is not there the VP could run the meeting, or, since you called the meeting, you could run it.

As long as you have a quorum you can conduct business.

Good Luck. B)

Posted Yesterday, 05:26 AM

Thank you so much!
I will call for a Special Meeting to fill in vacancies we have.
If the President or any other board members refuse to attend, do they basically give up voting rights or does the President have to be there?

Posted 17 April 2018 - 11:48 PM

Assuming your league uses the LL Sample/Recommended Constitution (which most leagues do) you are in luck.
As the Secretary you have the authority to call for a Special Board Meeting!

You need to describe what the meeting will cover.
You need to set the date and time (normally as agreed to by the President).
Finally you need to provide the above information to the BOD Members in advance of the merting.

Your Constitution should describe the process.
In the LL Sample Constitution it's in Article VI - Board of Directors, Section 4.

Posted 17 April 2018 - 08:26 PM

We are a whole new board and most of us are trying to better the reputation of our park because it hasn’t had a good one for years now.
We are trying to learn how to efficiently run our park.
The President isn’t making sure that every board member is fulfilling their duties, she has not tried to fill any of the positions for officers we are missing, hasn’t organized any fundraisers or attempted to approve any that other board members have suggested, hasn’t completed our Safety Plan, makes purchases without motioning them to the board, hasn’t called for a board meeting since opening day and is never available to meet if other board members and regular members suggest having meetings.
I’m sure there are other issues that I am missing.
She just overall isn’t a great president.
She believes the only thing we should be doing as a Board is opening and closing the park for each game.
I guess we can ride it out til the end of the season.

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