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Posted 23 November 2013 - 05:18 PM

Forum Policy



The views and opinions expressed in Leagueforum.org are strictly those of individual participants. By using our forums, you acknowledge that freedom of speech, especially on our forms (and comments to articles/posts on our site) brings with it the possibility of offensive and indecent communication. Please report all abusive, harassing and indecent posts/communication immediately so that we can help keep our community friendly and fun.

Note: You are using our Forums at your own risk and we are not responsible, nor will we be held liable, for any actions our users take in these forums/topics/posts. Nor do we recommend that any of our users reveal any private information to others on the forum, or that our users put private information in their profile. Do not list anything in your profile that you do not want exposed to other users. Revealing such information is done at your own risk, whether it be by posting it in our forums/topics/posts, or on your profile. posts deleted.

Customer Support

All complaints, questions, concerns or issues regarding your user account should be directed to our contact page not our forums.

Language & Personal Attacking & Inappropriate Language

Swearing and using extreme profanity is not permitted. Personal attacks will also not be allowed. Inappropriate behavior or language or language/behavior that offends others will not be allowed. See Warning System below.



User Names

User names and avatars that contain profanity will be deleted from our Forums. Do not try to register another user name with profanity, if you do, you may be permanently banned from the Forums. The Warning System will apply. See Warning System below.

Keep To the Topic

Please post in the right place and stay on topic! We reserve the right to delete, move or edit any post we feel is out of place, or just flat out wrong by our standards.

Posting Articles

Please do not post an entire article, rather, post what is necessary and always provide the correct credit (where the article comes from/writer, etc) and provide the link to that article. For those that we do catch breaking our rules, our Warning System will be used.

Slander, Libel and Defamation

You may not slander or defame anyone or community member on this site. In addition we ask that you refrain from using any league names. Any reference to a specific league may be deleted by the administrator or moderators.

Defamation is an injury to the reputation or character of someone resulting from the false statements or actions of another. Defamation is a false attack on your good name. Your good name is regarded as a proprietary interest, not a personal interest. Defamation is an improper and unlawful attack against your proprietary right to your good name, your reputation.

Defamation is a general term for the false attack on your character or reputation through either libel or slander. Libel is a term describing visual defamation, usually in the form of lies in print, or misleading or deceptive photographs.

Libel exposes or subjects you to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or disgrace, or causes you to be shunned or avoided, or injures you in your occupation.

Slander is a term describing defamation that you hear, not see, usually in the form of someone talking trash about you or spreading or repeating lies and unfounded rumor.

Slander is an oral statement that tends to injur you in respect to your office, profession, trade or business. The statement or statements generally suggest that you lack integrity, honesty, incompetence, or that you possess other reprehensible personal characteristics.

A legal claim based on defamation entitles the victim to recover against the defamer for his or her emotional damages. In addition, the victim will be entitled to sue for punitive, or punishment, damages.


Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to edit, delete and move any post, thread or topic without warning. We also reserve the right to delete any account/user Id we see fit, and we reserve the right to ban anyone who does not follow our rules. Moderators and Administrators agree to act in best faith and interest at all times. Moderators agree not to poach from our community or compete against our community under any circumstances.

Warning System

1st Offense – Possible ban from Forum, but you will likely get one warning (given by way of email or post)
2nd Offense – Permanent ban

Policy Changes

These policies are subject to change without notice.

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