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A few batter interfence scenarios

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#1 SeattleSooner



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Posted 28 May 2018 - 05:45 PM

Looking for a bit of guidance on a few batter interference scenarios.  All scenarios are LL Majors baseball.  Here goes:


1.  Scenario 1:

a.  Runner on 2nd base (R2) and one out.

b.  Batter takes a pitch called "ball" by HP ump.  Ball three.

c.  R2 heads to 3rd base on steal attempt.

d.  F2 attempts a throw to 3rd but ball hits batter in the helmet.  The batter was still in the batters box and didn't move from the previous pitch.

e.  HP ump didn't call anything.  Field ump called R2 safe at 3rd.

f.  Manager for defensive team wanted HP ump to call batter interference.

g.  HP ump said no to interference.  Batter was still in the box and didn't move.  The play happened so fast that the batter didn't have time to move.

h.  I think the HP ump got it right.


2.  Scenario 2:

1.  Same as scenario 1 except batter moves out of the box to the left.

2.  Catcher makes throw to 3rd base but makes contact with the batter.

3.  After the play at 3rd was complete, the HP ump called "TIME" and called the batter out for interference.

4.  R2 was called safe at 3rd.

5.  The umps left R2 at third.

6.  Following 6.06©(1), I think they were right to call the batter out.  However, R2 should have gone back to 2nd base.  Right?


3.  Scenario 3:

1.  R3 on 3rd with one out.

2.  R3 breaks for HP on a passed ball (ball 3).

3.  Pitcher covers home.

4.  Batter stays in the box.

5.  Pitcher receives the ball from catcher and attempts to tag R3 but the batter was in the way.

6.  R3 touches HP before being tagged.

7.  HP ump calls "TIME" and calls R3 out for batter interference.

8.  I think the umps should have called the batter out and sent R3 back to 3rd.  Right?


4.  Scenario 4:

1.  R1 on 1st base and attempts steal.

2.  Batter swings and misses and unintentionally hits F2 with bat on the follow through.

3.  R1 called safe at 2nd.

4.  No call by HP ump.  Manager asks about batter interference.  HP ump said it was unintentional.

5.  Citing 6.06©(2), the batter should have been called out and R1 sent back to 1st.  Correct?


Thanks guys and good luck with playoffs.  

#2 Robin Barradio

Robin Barradio

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Posted 29 May 2018 - 12:48 AM

Scenario 1. This is correct, umps got it right.


Scenario 2. You are correct. R2 back to 2B.


Scenario 3. Ump was correct, with only one out, R3 is called out. See 7.08g. With 2 outs, Batter is called out.


Scenario 4. This is back-swing interference. If the throw retires the runner, then the play stands. If the runner is not retired, runner goes back to time of pitch base. If the back-swing interference is deemed unintentional and the runner is not retired, send him back. BR is not out in either scenario. You have to look at the comment in the RIM under 6.06c. Or look at the comment in OBR under 6.06c. It's the same wording.

#3 SeattleSooner



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Posted 29 May 2018 - 03:31 PM

Thanks Robin!

I've witnessed all four of those scenarios over the last two weeks.
Thanks for pointing out what to do with the batter and two outs.

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