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Posted 09 August 2017 - 05:09 PM

Our umpires always ask at the plate meeting if all of our players are properly equipment according to the rules of Little League to play in the game.  As a manager I always say absolutely, because I ask/check before every game. 


I remember a game where the opposing Manager was a female and said "I don't know".  She then said she was not going to ask a bunch of boys what they were wearing under their uniforms.  Well that delayed the start of the game by a little bit while the Umpire went to the dugout to talk to the players and her male coaches.


As for bats, helmets, catchers gear, it needs to be checked.  I am personally known for pulling my players gear from the dugout if they are not allowed to use it. 


I coached a Junior team last year where the opposing team was using illegal composite bats that did not meet the Juniors rule.  My Manager was not questioning it because the league was "not checking bats this year".     A player came to me and asked if he could use his "illegal" travel ball bat.  I just looked at him and said, "make your own decision".  I did not watch what he took to the plate.  First pitch, strike.  Second pitch, 320 foot home run.  As he came in he showed me his LEGAL bat.  I told him I was extremely proud of him for the bat selection.  Oh I also told him good first time Juniors homerun, by the way.  Just trying to build a better human being!

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 05:55 PM

While LL rakes in the millions for the 12s baseball, they barely fund the other tournaments. The Junior and Senior kids have to give their jerseys back afterwards, they don't get any gear or freebies like the 12s do. That's why you see everyone wearing their own stuff in those other tournaments.



Actually... first and foremost (and a little birdie ironically told me this last night), Easton gave 10 bats to each team at EVERY world series this year. A big upgrade to their donations.  


Easton does not supply helmets at every world series. I believe it is only LL baseball and (I think) softball. Yes, the LL baseball kids get a lot of gear... but they also have the television ratings. The stuff is all donated. Even the umpires got Oakleys last year. 


The helmets bothered me that it was promoting another organization. I don't give a ____ about the letter. If it has some ASA team on it, you don't wear it in the World Series on national television. 



As for jerseys... I do know that Rowan kept theirs when winning the 2015 LL Softball World Series and the league had a chance to buy the couple extra that no one wore and then presented those to local dignitaries (Mayor's office, etc.). LL created a duplicate of one player to hang in the museum in Williamsport. 


At some point, local leagues need to provide for some of these things. What Easton does is "gravy"... it shouldn't be looked at like it is expected. 

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