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Sad Situation

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#1 coach andy

coach andy

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Posted 13 June 2017 - 07:31 PM

Our league fielded a single junior softball team this year. We had 14 registered at tryouts date (late February).
One HS player when she realized all others were MS, stated "this is stupid" and was never heard from again.
Another girl has made about 33% of practices, and probably about that % of games as well.
Those are worst two examples, but plenty of others have missed several games, several times to the point we had to cancel game (rescheduling is very hard), many times no notice given until 1.5 hours before game time.

I help out as AC when I can, could not manage due to other commitments. I have a player on the team, she has missed a couple of games because of field hockey, and been late to couple of others (ie showing up at first pitch), but we have always given at least a weeks notice when this would be the case.
She has left field hockey practices (travel level) early to make games, only to find out on way that game is cancelled.

A few weeks ago (before situation got this bad), Manager (who does not have a child on the team, coaches many of the girls in basketball, they asked him to coach when they heard we were having issues finding a coach), and girls decided they would like to enter AS districts.
By default, they all "made" the AS team (since it would be his choice, manager decided not to leave anyone out).
We now have lost two more due to injury.

Couple of nights ago, team got hammered, gave away many runs on errors, mostly mental.
After the game (and it was announced there would be a meeting after game prior, so it was not based on results of game), coach gathered team, and asked them if they still felt we should do AS, and talked about the lack of commitment to the team.
Asked each girl (or parents) to text him if they still felt they should do AS, with the caveat that saying they should make a commitment to be there at the games.

Sent out notice last night, that there would be no AS team, based on feedback from girls.
One parent (I have no idea who, just a number in the gorup text thread) pretty much demanded to know why).
When it was pretty clear if any of the girls basically said they were not in, there would be no team.
Manager deliberately did it after via private texts so no girls could be held to blame, and this jackhole is demanding to know why (which basically means throwing whichever girls decided it was not a good idea under the bus).

They have two games left, gonna be interesting (btw, they needed these two to get to 12, what would have happened if a rainout occured I do not know, as Districts start Monday).

I have also learned that some of the girls are giving my daughter a hard time, apparently they do not like my coaching.
I do not yell (I might get loud if they are far away, but only to be heard), but I do give a lot of feedback, try to be positive as much as possible, but when they are doing something wrong, I tell them, and will repeat it over and over whenever I see the same mistake (ending throws like statue of liberty, catchers not going down to block, gloves not in dirt on grounders, not running out 1B, not looking to me at 3B when they run to 2B, etc.).
I am just trying to help them improve, but I guess unless you are telling them how great they are they do not want to hear anything.
A few have come around, because they see that what tell them makes sense (like if they back up in the box against fast pitching, they actually have a chance to make contact).

To me the saddest part is that we turned late registrations away, because we already had 14.
Might have been totally different if we subtract a few of the girls that were not really that interested in playing softball, and taken a few of the "wait list", might have been totally different.
If they had signed up prior to tryouts, what is LL policy on how to select which girls make team when you have more registrations than available slots?

#2 Jeremy



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Posted 13 June 2017 - 08:34 PM

I'm not sure the actual policy but it should be first come first serve, it shouldn't be based on tryouts/talent level....Regular season you can carry 15.....Once you get to 16 you try everything in your power to build a second team.....Dual roster 12 year olds from majors.

I had to bring up 4 L/A 12's this year to build a second team and had Juniors games on Sunday and Friday, the days majors never play.

#3 Lou Barbieri

Lou Barbieri

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Posted 14 June 2017 - 12:03 AM

How you handle having more players than roster spots should be described in your Local Rules.
To me, if you only have 14-15 roster spots then the first 14-15 that register get to try-out.
It's not fair (to me) to have try-outs and draft the best 14-15 players and put players on a Wait List that registered prior to players that end up on the team.

As Jeremy suggested, you might have been able to form two teams by dual fostering some 12s.

A few questions:
Why didn't you take the first player on the Waiting List and replace the HS player who quit?
Why didn't you release the player(s) who missed numerous practices/games and replace them with players from the Waiting List?

As for the parent demanding to know which player(s) didn't want to play AS, sorry, that's none of the parent's business !!!

#4 coach andy

coach andy

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Posted 14 June 2017 - 01:33 PM

thanks for the feedback, thought it was first come first serve, just wanted to confirm. wish there was a way to test commitment though, that is our real issue, not ability. question regarding returning players, even if they register say after 15th player, but before "tryouts", would they take precedence?

as for other questions

dual rostering 12s not really an option, the only 12s who would be able to handle playing up generally all play TB as well, highly doubt we could have gotten time commitment from them, especially as we had to play outside our district, so many games pretty far to travel to.

as for replacing HS player who quit, in our league we historically have tried to keep teams no bigger than 12, this was probably reasoning. hindsight we should have called them up.

as for replacing injured girls, both injuries happened within last three weeks of season (one this past weekend). really too late to do anything at that point.

#5 Jeremy



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Posted 14 June 2017 - 06:15 PM

I'm not giving a returning player seniority that signed up 16th over a new player who signed up 15th....not in Little League.

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